Graveside Services

A graveside service is a funeral service held at the grave-site at a cemetery.Normally it follows a traditional funeral or can be a singular event. It’s a type of service that can be held for either burial or interment of cremated remains. The image to the right shows a graveside service set up with honors.

gravesite service

A graveside service can be thought of as an abridged version of a funeral. It’s average running time is between 15 – 30 minutes. Many of the features of a traditional funeral are present but minimized. For example, viewings and visitations are not held. The funeral conductor/officiant can be a member of the clergy, a funeral director, or a friend or family member. However, the service in general is much shorter, requiring less of the officiant’s time. Pallbearers are generally used to carry/escort the casket from the funeral coach to graveside service, however, the casket can also be “pre-set” by the time service attendees arrive. Usually only one eulogy is delivered rather than multiple eulogies, and there tend to be fewer readings and/or prayers. There are usually fewer flower arrangements or no flower arrangements, which can save money. Graveside services are often the chosen location for Military honors to be rendered. Photo slideshows, physical photographs, and video tributes are not part of a graveside service, as the location generally cannot accommodate them.

Graveside services may be limited to only family members or may be open to all. If you are having a graveside service after a traditional funeral, you can invite everyone who attended the funeral service to attend the graveside service, or you can let people know that you’d like to keep the service private.

Our minimum graveside service fee includes our basic service fees, lowering device set up, 20 chairs, podium, shelter tent, and bottled water. Our expanded set up includes one microphone, stand, a table, and other considerations.

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